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For example, if you create a bookmark that encloses the name of a product, such as the word keyboard, and assign the name Product Name to the bookmark, and then you create a cross-reference configured as a hyperlink to this bookmark within a sentence somewhere else in your document, the word keyboard will appear at the cross-reference. Now if you place your cursor within the word keyboard and press Shift F9, Word will display the underlying field code instead of the word keyboard. This field code consists of the field name REF, the bookmark name Product Name, and the switch \h, which indicates that the cross-reference is configured as a hyperlink.

When you place your cursor over a cross-reference configured as a hyperlink and click Ctrl click, your cursor will jump to the location of the bookmark.

If you would change the text enclosed by the Product Name bookmark to the name of another product, for example, a mouse, as described in Changing the Text Associated with a Bookmark, and if you would press Ctrl A to select the main body of your document and then press F9, the new product name would replace the old product name in all of the cross-references to the Product Name bookmark in the main body of your document.

Today I bought a new mouse, because my old mouse stopped working properly.

When you create a cross-reference to a bookmark and select Page number in the Insert reference to drop-down list, Word creates a PAGEREF field containing the name of the bookmark.

Thus, you can easily change a cross-reference to a bookmark that shows the text enclosed by it to a cross-reference to the number of the page on which the same bookmark is located by placing your cursor within the cross-reference, pressing Shift F9, changing the field name from REF to PAGEREF, and pressing F9.

Today I bought a new keyboard, because my old Product Name stopped working properly.There are other ways to create multiple cross-references to the same bookmark.One is to simply select and copy a cross-reference to the clipboard and paste it at other locations in your document.Next, select the bookmark name and press Ctrl F9, which adds the special curly brackets for field codes to the selected text and thereby transforms your bookmark name into a field code.Today I bought a new keyboard, because my old stopped working properly.

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For further details, see Repeating Data by Greg Maxey.

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