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To the rest of the world, however, it would seem that the figures of 1,760 yards to the mile and 51/2 yards to the rod were plucked out of thin air.For who, in their right mind, would create a system of units that used fractions?It is this use of Pi as a base structure to the Imperial Measurement System that has determined its peculiar nature and has also determined the length of that awkward 51/2-yard rod.Pi is not a nice round decimal number and therefore does not lend itself easily to sub-divisions.Indeed, this mismatch of odd numbered units in the Imperial System has caused many eminent heads to be scratched over the years. Connor, who has been working on weight and measures for more than forty years (sic), says of the Imperial system of measures: If we look again at the table of length, we might agree that the relation of inches to feet and feet to yard are not unreasonable, nor is that of the relation of rods to furlong to mile, but the entry '51/2 yards = 1 rod' strikes a discordant note.For who in his right mind would establish a table of relationships using fractional parts? it can be taken for granted that the table was not set up 'de novo' (as new), but that two or more systems were being fused together to meet the needs of the times.Remarkably, the first location to look at in this regard, is Britain and its arcane usage of the Imperial Measurement System.

This is actually a serious question - exactly why was this complex system of measures invented? From the British perspective, the system seemed quite natural; having 14 pounds to the stone and 12 pence to the shilling were just part of the initiation into the culture, no more peculiar than having milk delivered to the doorstep.This is simply theological obfuscation, the Bible painstakingly details the measurements of many structures, and many of these measurements were originally considered sacred.Indeed, Jesus was not simply a carpenter, but a tekton (tektwn) or an architect.This is all very logical: the foot and yard were part of one measurement system and the furlong and rod were part of another.Where they met formed that uncomfortable 51/2 yards to the rod.

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But this does not exactly explain all the other odd ratios in the system, for instance, the 8 furlongs to the mile, the 320 rods to the mile and the 1,760 yards to the mile.

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