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I spent a most agreeable day with them, though I must say, like angels' music, pleas- ant, and wonderful to the soul, I regard it as a sort of valedictory to the ministering hosts, for at our time of life, and in our respective connections, w^e can hardly calculate that the chances of life will enable us to meet again. When his son grew to an age that he could think for himself, his own reading and reflection confirmed him in these fundamental truths. His acts are now part of the history of his State, and that State will no doubt pass an impartial judgment upon them.

You will have been scandalized to see our Gov- ernor's proposition about the slave trade. He then thought the Union of the States under one federal head a measure of absolute necessity for the preser- vation of the liberties of the people, and that although defective, the adoption of the federal constitution was a wise measure, at the same time he considered the powers and patronage of the federal executive as highly objectionable. Be- fore he was twenty years of age he was married to Maria Hamilton, daughter of Col. He soon thereafter took entire charge of the Clerk's office, and continued to discharge its duties until July, 1812. K;mdo]ih, and served in the campaign of 18l;j on the St. He re- signed and served the campaign of 1814 in the militia of his own state. He married, first, Bettie Heis- kell, daughter of Mitchell Heiskell, of Morgantown, Tenn. Elliott Spottswood, born October 8, 1869, of Medeira, California; married,, October 20, 1892, Jennie Alice Davis, bom April 5, 1871; died February 3, 1902. James White Mc Clung, son of James White Mc Clung, married, second, Sarah T. 3I jour ministry, iustructions and reproofs, in pub- lic and private, and submit to the discipline which Christ has appointed in his church administered by you while regulated by the word of God, agree- ably to our confession of faith and directory. — This is a faithful transcript from the copy in my posses.sion, furnished by Gov. 5, 1850." The Campbells of Southwestern Virginia were all of the Presbyterian faith, strong in their attachment to the old Scotch Church. Five sons were in the Colonial and Continental service, four were distin- guished men, Col's. Their eldest daughter, "Catherine Campbell, married Elijah Mc Lannahan. They had four children: ^"David, died young; "Mary, married William Mofifett, had no children ; "Catherine, married James M. Maroarel Deland, William, born March 9, 17S4 ; married Priscilla Por- ter, December 12, 1S12; he died October 23, 1854. Mary, born March 22, 1788; married Joseph Kibler, May 12, 18—; died ^fay C, 1871. They had six sons and five daughters, namely: William, John, Samuel, James, Anderson (dead), Caldwell, Elizabeth (Mrs. And upon your accepting of this, our call, we do promise that we will receive the word of God from your mouth, attend on CAMPBELL FAMILY. C." "Endorsed "Copy of a call from Ebbing and Sinking Springs congregations to Reverend Charles Cum- mings." ''Memo. "White ^David" Campbell and "Mary Hamilton, his wife, had thirteen children. Their names are as fol- lows: "Catherine, "Mary, "Martha, "John, "Arthur, "James, "William, "Margaret, "David, "Sarah, "Robert, "Patrick and "Anne Campbell.. Thomas, born January 5, 1780; married Leah Dar- man, April 9, 1800; died September 10. James, born October 27, 1781; married Catherine Sample, of Morgantown, Va., April 12, 1805; died at Stubenville, Ohio, February 6, 1824; his wife was born near Lancaster, Pa., April 12, 1784 ; died in Ohio, March 244 HISTORICAL SKETCHES. lie Mas the grandfalhcr of the well-known authoress, Mrs. C, September 8, 1781 ; commissioned Captain February 19, 177G; was a Lieutenant-Colonel at the Battle of Hobkirk's Hill and at the siege of Ninety-Six. He was at the battle of King's Mountain, also four of his brothers and five cousins of the Campbell name were in this battle. Campbell of Glenyon was the leader of the troops at the time. One of the Mc Donald uncles objects to the marriage on acc Dunt of the old feud that existed in Scotland. lie enlisted in 1776, and served throughout the Revolutionary War, a brave and useful patriot. They had eight children : "David, "Eliza, "Catherine, "John, "Arthur, "Edward, "Mary and "James Campbell. The Campbells should not be so severely censured for this action, as they have been by many writers, especially Mc Cauley in his History of England. 35 the King's Army, and only carried out his orders.

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Brigham Young UNiv ERsn Y Ltorary Preservation Department I ^ I oi-. Irving's genius, to exhibit a grand histor- ical picture with the bold outlines, and uniform keeping of an historic painting, but rather to sketch the central figures, and admit the accompaniments as incidental matter. "John Grissom (married Irene Baker, of San Jose, California). Many of the Campbells, Harailtons and Mc Donalds, were true to the mother country during the American Eevolution, especially those in North and South Carolina.

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