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KG: You state that a priestess is "a living, holy vessel, serves spirit everyday, bridges the unseen and seen, and holds ceremony and ritual to help humanity move through doorways." These are no small tasks!

Do you think that deep down every woman is called to be a priestess or is it more of a rare and exceptional calling?

I would love to share with you my most recent conversation with Kira Grace about The Urban Priestess Mystery School, co-founded with my priestess sister Ashley Turner.

We will teach potent tools of the priestess and empowerments for the cycles in a woman's life.

The online course is quite comprehensive and will offer tools for a lifetime.

I believe that if a woman feels the call from within, then she has everything it takes to be a priestess.

KG: What do you see as the greatest strength of the modern day woman? Sianna: One of the great strengths of the modern woman is her increased societal freedom to create, innovate, and be respected for her talents.

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Sianna: We all have magic, and we all have soul medicine for the world.

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