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So back to the drawing board and it was the same son.

I am so ashamed, generally he is Ok, no problems at school, etc.

Your once placid and laid back child seems to suddenly turn into the incredible hulk when a computer game enters their lives!

I think you've done the right thing by removing his game.

It's as if the lawyers at Sony haven't noticed how the internet works.

Play as Managers Choose any wrestler to play except The Miz then select The Miz as your opponent but deselect The Miz before you confirm his attire.

Try to get him to explore his anger and how if affects him when he starts to get heated. If he could identify these symptoms he may learn to recognise that this is when he needs to take a step back, count to ten, take some deep breaths etc.

Parents tell us that tearing up paper to be recycled is a great stress reliever for their teens so this might be worth a try.

How long until it starts appearing in songs as well?

Damaging laptops and other expensive items really is unacceptable.

Having said this, it also sounds as if he has trouble controlling his anger and frustrations so I would talk to him about techniques for doing so.

We have had some very aggressive outbursts over the holidays and I have now realised- he bought xbox live for his b day just after christmas ( DH let him, i knew nothing) . Will speck to me, all he says is he don't care about anything. When he loses he bursts out crying and beats his fists against his forehead.

There must be a more competitive element when you're playing against friends. As I was unplugging it to take it out,after giving warning he got angry and attacked me pushing,shouting. He is under the cams team but will not in gage with them. But he's a very talented footballer with 4 local clubs after him. It's his older brother's game anyhow so now he's banned from playing it, but I honestly don't know what to do as that doesn't solve the problem it just removes it.

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I do limit his play to 1 hour on school days and a 2 at weekends.

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