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These include a 1:8 and a 1:2 model of a slab casting mould as well as a 1:3 model of a cylindrical mould.

As core/shell nanowires at beamline P08 – PETRA III (DESY) Bussone, G.; Grifone, R.; Balaghi, L.; Dimakis, E.

The petrographic, mineralogical and mineral liberation observations showed that the ore sample is quitecomplex, containing carbonate impurities (dolomite and calcite) and having very fine intergrown texture.

The separation of carbonate from apatite has been recognized as one of the most difficult subjects in mineral processing due to the similarities in their physiochemical properties. The contactless inductive flow tomography (CIFT) allows for reconstructing the mean flow structure of liquid metals by measuring the flow induced perturbations of one or more applied magnetic fields.

Biohydrometallurgical methods were tested for years to be applied at KGHM Polska Miedź S.

A., in order to improve efficiency of copper production. Research and Development Centre are this project Partners.

In order to exclude any possible effect by the new accelerator in tunnel VIII on the existing low-background gamma-counting facility in tunnel IV, Monte Carlo simulations of neutron transport are being performed.

In these studies sandstone and shale, as well as so called “shale concentrate” (containing 39% of the shale) were used for experiments, and possibilities of their bioleaching were evaluated.These measurements are utilized to infer the flow field by solving a linear inverse problem using an appropriate regularization technique.We will give an overview of the application of CIFT to three models of continuous casting available at the Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden – Rossendorf.All aforementioned results demonstrate the unique possibilities for strain engineering in core/shell nanowires.FLUKA simulations of neutron transport in the Dresden Felsenkeller Grieger, M.; Bemmerer, D.; Müller, S. A new underground ion accelerator with 5 MV acceleration potential is currently being readied for installation in the Dresden Felsenkeller.

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The nanowires were grown vertically on Si(111) substrates by molecular beam epitaxy (at HZDR).

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