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It is exhilarating when your suitor works for your attention; after all, nothing absolutely spectacular was ever easily accessible. A “hard to get” player is never too quick to text or call back; there is always excitement when one craves more.

The player likes to appear busy, create intrigue and keep ‘em guessing. So, players: Align your cards and reveal your best hand because it’s time to understand the science behind playing hard to get.

Interestingly, a survey determined that when someone does not appear to be so available, the more likely a potential partner will want to spend time and money on them.

Some things to keep in mind…Cat-and-mouse play is all fun and games until someone gets hurt.

Surely, though, he is scheming how best to glimpse what’s in the envelope, and how best to lift anything worth taking.

The psychopath is a high, and often imprudent, risk-taker; he’s in it for the , not to be caught.

Cat-and-mouse is a natural high in the dating scene, and the rules of playing hard to get seem to be as follows: A gal or guy feels inclined to give off a somewhat "uninterested" vibe.

It’s a masterful display that says “I’m desirable” without appearing to be an easy catch.

Playing makes women seem cautious when picking a partner. Gals increase the possibility of starting a relationship by upholding their standards.You, and all human beings, are mere commodities to him: maybe useful, maybe not.Certainly, once he’s expended your use, to the psychopath you’ll be as useless as a nagging headache.Whenever there are emotions involved, you risk the chance of someone being more invested than the other.If you are planning on walking the walk and talking the talk with playing hard to get, do it with class.

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Players who appeared "interested" during the date and committed in conversation were perceived as appealing, but also considered easy conquests.

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