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Diners are presented with a list of rules outlining what is expected of them in terms of behaviour -- any voyeurism or exhibitionism likely to shock is not tolerated and only teenagers (who must be accompanied by an adult) are allowed to keep their clothes on in the dining room.While many in a country used to nudity might shrug at the idea of enjoying a plate of scallops while starkers, the restaurant has raised eyebrows among some neighbours who note it is next to a creche.The scene definitely boasts female-centered pleasure — we never even see penetrative sex — but the entire context of the moment is actually about Jon.Not only is it a huge milestone for the Night’s Watch member because he is swiping his V-card, it’s also when he breaks his oath of celibacy.The woman’s eyes flutter backwards and her breathing starts spiking; the man's head disappears as it drops below her waist.All of this is meant to imply Grey Worm is performing some A oral sex, and it’s usually where a scene would end, as any form of cunnilingus is often deemed too raunchy for viewers’s innocent, innocent eyes.

There’s been good sex, bad sex, and "sex" that was actually rape.

Plus, Jon being good at oral sex is played as a winking joke, since Ygritte playfully ribs her love interest during foreplay.

Just when the redhead is about to tell Jon he "knows nothing" once again, she realizes what he’s doing and her insult is cut off by a moan.

Once Missandei and Grey Worm actually start having sex, the scene couldn’t be more woman-focused.

As we watch Grey Worm kiss his way down Missandei’s body, everything feels like a traditional sex scene.

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Yet, gives fans a surprise by moving the camera away from Missandei’s nude breasts to show us precisely what Grey Worm is doing.

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