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monastery details The Etropole Monastery was established in the Middle Ages (1158).

It is famous for its limestone base due to the limestone with which the monasterys church was built.

It is believed that the monastery was a part of the group of monasteries which arose in 14th and 15th century around Sofia.

monastery details Dryanovo monastery St Archangel Michael is situated in the picturesque gorge of Dryanovo River , 4km away from the town of Dryanovo, 14km away from Gabrovo and 24km away from the historical town of Veliko Turnovo.

In the 14th century Ivanovo Rock Monastery was a centre of Hesychasm.

The monastery had survived until Bulgaria fell under Ottoman Rule and shortly after, but gradually it fall into decline.

There was a secret storeroom for food and arms, which was the reason why rebel leaders Priest Hariton and Bacho Kiro used the monastery as their fortress at the time of the April uprising.

It was built in the middle of 10th century by the hermit Ivan of Rila.

The present appearance of Rila Monastery dated back to the beginning of 19th century when the residential wings and the main church "The Nativity of the Virgin" were built.

monastery details Stauropegial Troyan monastery is the third biggest monastery in Bulgaria and the third in significance as well.

It was built in 1600, but its present appearance dated back to the period 1835-1855 when the main church was erected.

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monastery details Arapovski Monastery was established in the middle of 19th century near an antique spring.

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