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Slavery was practiced in every ancient Middle Eastern society: Egyptian, Babylonian, Greek, Roman and Israelite.

Slavery was an integral part of ancient commerce, taxation, and temple religion.

The key theological text is Paul's declaration in his letter to the Galatian churches that (NIV version) "There is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus", This short letter, reputedly written to be delivered by the hand of Onesimus, a fugitive slave, whom Paul is sending back to his master Philemon.

Paul entreats Philemon to regard Onesimus as a beloved brother in Christ.

Noah's curse only applied to Canaan, and according to biblical commentator, Gleason L.

Archer, this curse was fulfilled when Joshua conquered Canaan in 1400 BC.

In a paper published in Evangelical Quarterly, Kevin Giles notes that, while he often encountered it, "not one word of criticism did the Lord utter against slavery"; moreover a number of his stories are set in a slave/master situation, and involve slaves as key characters.

Giles notes that these circumstances were used by pro-slavery apologists in the 19th century to suggest that Jesus approved of slavery.

In the eighteenth century the abolition movement took shape among Christian people across the globe.This particular verse was used by defenders of slavery prior to the American Civil War.Slaves may have been encouraged by Paul the Apostle in the first Corinthian Epistle to seek or purchase their freedom whenever possible. Avery Robert Dulles said that "Jesus, though he repeatedly denounced sin as a kind of moral slavery, said not a word against slavery as a social institution", and believes that the writers of the New Testament did not oppose slavery either.The Bible uses the Hebrew term eved (עבד) and Greek doulos (δοῦλος) to refer to slaves.Eved has a much wider meaning than the English term slave, and in many circumstances it is more accurately translated into English as servant or hired worker.

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Slaves released automatically in their 7th year of service.

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