Los 40 n principales online dating

Los 40 n principales online dating

From a chronological point of view, it appears impossible that she was la mre d Aim (Oumm-Aim): it is suggested that this text refers to her own change of name after marriage, which appears corroborated by the next source[daughter .

The vivid narrative of the early Arabic sources suggests that entertaining readers with interesting stories was more important to their authors than reflecting historical fact.

After the Abbasid dynasty overthrew the Ummayad caliphate in 750, Abd er-Rahman, grandson of the last Ummayad Caliph Hisham, fled to North Africa and in 755 crossed into al-Andalus where he was proclaimed emir at Crdoba in 756 and resisted attempts by the Abbasids to seize control (see Chapter 2).

His descendants continued to rule al-Andalus until the early 11th century, Emir Abd er-Rahman III adopting the title Caliph in 929.

They transferred their capital to Seville in 1170, ruling until their departure for Morocco in 1228 (see Chapter 8).

Thereafter, the remaining Muslim centres fell to the Christian armies until Muslim power in Spain was limited to the Nasrid dynasty, which established themselves as rulers of Granada where they survived as rulers until 1492. The Ajbar Machmua records that "Al-Walid" (Caliph Walid I, succeeded 705) appointed "Mua ben Nosair, cliente de los Ben Omeyga y descendiente de los infieles hechos prisioneros por Jlid en Ain-Attamr" as "gobernador de Ifrikya" in A. 78 (30 Mar 697/19 Mar 698) (so misdated), and his campaigns across North Africa against the Berbers with "jefe de la vanguardia Trik ben Ziyed" and their conquest of Tanger in A. 89 (1 Dec 707/19 Nov 708) and Ceuta, governed by "[gobernador] del Rey de Espaaun infiel Julian".

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The Ajbar Machmua records that "un legado del califa Al-Walid" arrived in Spain, dismissed Musa and expelled him "con Tarik y Moguits", leaving "como gobernadora su hijo Abdo-l-Aziz" who established himself in Seville, in A. 95 (26 Sep 713/15 Sep 714) (-murdered Robina [Jul/Aug] 717). Ibn-el Kouthya records that "Moua fils de Noair" assigned "le gouvernement gnrale son fils Abd-el-Aziz" when the caliph ordered his return to Damascus, appointing "Habib ben Abi Okba ben Nafe el_fibry" as his deputy, and that Abd el-Aziz established Seville as his capital and completed the conquest of al-Andalus.

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