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Linden single handle lavatory

The perfume symbolizes over 150 years of light and gems that have passed through this house. While Paris continues to dream, the sun’s rays slide over the rooftops.

A woman who wears Boucheron is conceived as independent, free, self-reliant and confident. The dome of the Invalides becomes a gigantic gold flower.

And of the original fragrance, PV: I find barely any similarity with Elixir, there is a hint of wood here too - cedar, apparently - but this juice here is prominently sweet, I agree with a lot of you saying `just another sweet perfume, meh, what for, waste of money etc.`, I think on the other hand, that if I was to own a `popular sweet scent`, it should be this one.

I like the honey-praline-cedar combo, I get tangerine, orange blossom and BENZOIN too! The sillage is something I`m not really happy with though. This perfume starts so excitingly but then it quickly goes downhill.

The light shower of pepper is perfect with the Truffle, Jasmine and discreet Rose elements.

The Benzoin is the perfect ingredient to add a touch of Vanilla-ish heaven, which rounds out this stellar creation. After wearing her several times now, I cannot imagine my fragrance collection without it!

The sun continues to rise, its rays crossing the arcades. On her skin, ephemeral finery to enhance the glow found deep within each woman.

The fragrance is available as 30, 50 and 100 ml Eau de Parfum.Place Vendôme was launched in 2013.aqua76239 nailed it with her review. It’s more gourmand than CM, but there’s a definite resemblance!I like Place Vendôme a whole lot; I don’t get any metallic, urine, or other funkiness at all. Like a hot June day at the fair but the candy floss man arrived late and had to pitch down-breeze of the loos; hot spun sugar, a little jasmine, a little chemical lavatory.I obtained the elderly sister, L`Elixir about a year ago (also on sale..) and I was a bit disappointed: the initial chaos of notes made me retch and had to wait at least 20-30 minutes for the goodness to come out.I was on and off using it in winter, as it has a particular `burned wood` smell in the drydown, which suits the winter months.

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Gorgeous bottle; cut and weighted like a crystal decanter. It must be some reaction with me because no one else seems to have this effect.

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