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This chapter turns our attention to Kyousuke’s relationship with his osananajimi Manami.

They spend the evenings together, preparing for their exams, and Kyousuke is a regular visitor at her house—a shop selling traditional Japanese confectionery.

He’s never even thought of her that way—he thinks of Manami as a grandmother figure.

Of course, Kyousuke is cruelly oblivious to the fact that Manami is in love with him. Kirino’s friend and Kyousuke exchange a few words, and Manami inquires about her—and notices that Kyousuke was making eyes at her.

One month after the events in the first novel, Kyousuke is still a normal guy, except for the fact that he’s being forced to play imouto-themed eroge by his little sister, Kirino — fortunately in the privacy of his own room.

Through a wiki, Kyousuke learns the mechanics of “Siscalypse“, a highly-customizable fighting game where loli imoutos fight each other — the loser also losing all her clothes.

And yet, when asked by a classmate of his (Akagi, we’ll know more about him and his sister in volumes 4 and 5) if Kyousuke and Manami are dating, he curtly denies it.

Suddenly, someone is at the door, with a package for Kyousuke. ” Kyousuke realizes that this is a serious situation, because she might open the package in front of her friends.

Kirino also goes downstairs and sees that it’s a package from a famous make-up manufacturer, and thinks that it’s a present for her. He barges into her room, to the astonishment of the girls, and tries to grab the package, but Kirino is holding it tight.

Meanwhile, Kirino and her friends are now in her room and he can listen to their conversation.

Kirino has been weird lately — she doesn’t have time for her friends, she has been texting in secret and the other day they heard her talking on her cell phone — she was arguing with someone, but after she hung up she was smiling.

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“Play eroge while the house is full of teenage girls? At any rate, Kirino forbids him from leaving his room and talking, nay, even looking at her friends.

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