Joe king and candice accolade dating websites

This topic is just too taboo for us to have enough source material for 20 good posts a day.And I'd rather not keep having the same discussions over the same material.For those that are interested, I use Poser PRO, VUE Xtreme and Photoshop for all my works. It's just like the mental picture I had while reading your rant. ------- Today's Pic: I've always wanted to sling a naked woman over my shoulder and carry her off like that.I do drop by your site every now and again in my quest for source material and ideas for pics. 'Course, it takes a strong back and solid muscles, like Conan has. ------- Here's an electro suspension scene, for fans of such perversions, from a movie named Chameleon.I don't know about everyone else here, but for me most of what they post over there isn't worthy of discussion.

Covers - just wanted to mention how much I have enjoyed the witch themed paperbacks you have featured the last few days.

I like bondage and women with old fashion hair on their pussy, so what. I actually found out about you guys through another site (forgot which, Pulp Toons maybe) when I saw one of my very own pics as a picture of the day (archived at the time).

Not many places you can go and talk about these issues. I too have been guilty of lurking in the shadows of the GIMP (for a couple of months). I mostly upload to Renderotica or the Dark Spot (as I have these), although I haven't done either in a while.

Nia - I'll just say ditto to what A Canadian, Yik Yakker and the others have said - I think you'll find this is a rather accommodating bunch of sick twisted perverts.

Yik Yakker - speaking of our friend Brutus - have you heard from him - he seems to have taken an extended hiatus and I miss his input.

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If this site started getting flooded with posts about stuff that hardly even qualified as GIMP material, I'd be on here a lot less because it'd be too much to muddle through.

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