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Is robert deniro dating kim basinger

They'll immediately appear in celebrity magazines and on entertainment programs and be touted as the Next Big Thing, and they'll give interviews in every medium possible. They'll show up to host 's list of the 50 Most Beautiful People and, if they're female, the "Top 100 Hottest Women" list of any men's magazine. The Hollywood Hype Machine is very fickle, but has a never-ending supply of willing young stars and starlets ready to take the place of the old one.

Meanwhile, failed stars will suddenly drop off these lists. The reason that magazines, tabloids and TV shows (even ones unaffiliated with Hollywood studios) get into it is because, by pushing these new big stars, they can have big headlines and have paparazzi follow around, thus selling more magazines and getting higher ratings.

They can continue to produce offspring for as long as they can have sex.

Remy is Joel’s second child with Alexis, an equestrian whom he married in 2015.

Or they enjoy the chance to hire nannies who will do all that work for them and their second, third or fourth wives.

Billy Joel is the latest male celebrity to once again proclaim his membership in the Old Dad’s Club.

The main exceptions are, of course, young Pretty Boy actors whose main purpose is to make young women squee their way to the theater.

For every Leonardo Di Caprio who makes it to the top, there are countless young studs off of The WB or The CW who don't.

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A related term in Professional Wrestling is referred to by fans as "pushed to the moon." Basically, when the people backstage take a particular shine to a new wrestler, they're hyped ("pushed" in wrestling slang) and promoted well beyond their current skill set (both wrestling ability and characterization and ability to cut promos, known as "mic work.") Some can catch up and become superstars, others sadly can't.

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