Is dating and a relationship the same thing

So you end up meeting somebody that you’ve never met before.You will think that whatever they are saying is not interesting; it’s not exciting. But if there is chemistry, it’s kind of exciting, you fancy each other, you know, you might want to kiss each other, and there’s a good feeling between you and that’s called chemistry.It would be better if there is a transcript,’ something like that. And, when I talk about that, I am going to be telling you as well about the present perfect continuous tense and how useful that can be when you are talking about recent news, okay? Or ‘are you going out with anyone at the moment,’ means do you have a boyfriend or a girlfriend at the moment? I’ve been going out with her for 6 months, for example, means she’s been my girlfriend for 6 months. ‘To go with someone.’ Another useful expression is ‘to have chemistry with someone’, ‘to have chemistry’.So, the first part would be little bit about my recent news and the present perfect continuous tense. ’ And those questions are about your recent activities, okay? So, a common conversation might be something like: A: Hi, How’s it going? Now if you have chemistry with someone, it means that you get on with each other and there is some like magic between you, so you just really get on with each other and you both fancy each other and just naturally, when you are together, there’s like a magic feeling between you, and that’s called chemistry. Basically saying that they love the podcast and some people are using it just to learn English when they are, for example, driving to work, or travelling on the bus, or on the underground, and some people are teachers who are using the podcasts in their English lessons. ’ ‘Well, nothing.’ [Nothing really or nothing special.] But sometimes, you know, you can talk about the things that you have been doing. And when we talk about recent news like that, we often use the present perfect continuous tense or sometimes the present perfect tense. So, the present perfect continuous tense is structured like this, we have ‘have’ or ‘has’ ‘been’ and then an ‘-ing’ form. Or, ‘I’ve been playing a lot of football recently.’ Yeah? And we use that form in the question as well, ‘What have you been doing recently.’ Yeah? Now, maybe you understood it but if you didn’t, I’m going to explain it for you bit by bit now. I normally hate it when friends pair you off with complete strangers. So, when a friend pairs you off with someone, it means that your friend put you in a pair with someone. He says, ‘Oh, that will be the door.’ Right, so, what happen is, she said, ‘I hoped you are not like the other guys, I think you are not like the other guys. Actually, he thought that was somebody knocking on the door. Because when she went touch wood, he said that would be the door and he left the table because he thought somebody was knocking on the front door. And then she said ‘good’ at t he end but she doesn’t really mean it. So, I’m just going to play you the whole sketch again, so that you can listen to it from the start to the finish. So, even if the guy says really bad jokes, she’ll laugh about it. And if you fancy someone, it means you think they are attractive, you think that they are good looking. So, if you fancy someone, you might start flirting with them, for example. If you chat someone up, it means that, first of all, you find them attractive, you fancy them, and then you start talking to them, to try to make them fancy you. Now I think usually, traditionally, men chat women up. These days, women chat men up a bit as well, but traditionally it’s men who chat women up.So, please leave a review saying how brilliant the podcast is, okay? B: Well, …[and then you talk about what you’ve been up to.] Okay? Now, I used some of these expressions in the feature section when I was talking about dating, okay? I’m going to explain some of those expressions for you now. First expression is a verb, and it’s ‘to flirt’, to flirt with someone, ‘to flirt’. So, to go out with someone just means to go on a date. And also, you can leave a short review of the podcast on that page. and I’ve had couple of ratings but I haven’t had any reviews yet. So, I recommend that you learn them and use them, okay? If you like someone, if you think someone is attractive, then you act, you behave in a way show that shows you like them. So, typically things are: ‘Do u come here often,’ ‘Can I buy you a drink,’ or ‘you’ve got lovely eyes,’ that kind of things. Next expression is to go out with someone, to go out with someone. One meaning is to go out with someone means to go on a date, right?

So ‘looking forward to’ means waiting for something because you want it to happen, right? [8’35” Funk music playing] I think you get the idea. And then you go to a bar, and there might be about 10 or 15 tables in the bar and all the girls sit at the tables. Well, you have 3 minutes, basically, to try and chat each other up. And then the bell rings again and you move to the next table and meet the next girl and talk to them and after about an hour, you have met about 15 people in one night. I’m going to play you, now, the audio from a little comedy sketch, which is from a BBC television programme, a comedy programme.

I’ve been looking forward to the new Star Trek movie. I’ve been looking forward to the new Star Trek movie. If you don’t know what jazz funk or funk sound like, well, it sounds a bit like this. What happens in speed date is you go to a bar and first of all you have to sign up, so you apply to do it over the telephone.

But all the critiques say that the new Star Trek film is very very good. And that sort of music that was being made in the 70s and it’s good music to dance to. So there’s [re] some really great solos in jazz funk or funk music. So it’s really a real pleasure for me to listen to that kind of music. And, so, you should start using present perfect continuous like that. And so lots of people have meet[met] their boyfriend or girlfriend on a romantic holiday or something. Now, speed dating is a kind of very quick way to meet lots of people in one night.

Then, in the feature section, you are going to listen to a small comedy sketch about a date, okay? And chemistry is really really important in a relationship.

And then in the language section at the end of the podcast, I’m going to teach you some really really really useful and very important expressions that you can use to talk about dating and relationship, okay? But before I do that, I’m going to teach you something really useful about English, some really useful and important language, okay? You have to have chemistry, because it’s the chemistry actually, the interaction between you that makes it exciting, that makes it interesting, okay?

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So, yes, I’m not going to tell you any more about it. And then you can find someone very quickly and very easily.

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