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1 9 State of the Mac BY ADRIAN MELLO Will Soft- ware suites rule the earth? [ Mac & PC Compatible OVER 200 TITLES TO CHOOSE FROM! Angelina Beitia Cicorge Clark l A)ri Hitchcixrk Martin Carchar Eliulicth Jensen Jenifer Carini-Cdarkson Kelvin Cec Dalia Schwartz Dcirdrc Dugan 800/288-6848 PRODUCTION VICE PRESIDENT/DIRECTOR Or MANUEACTURING PRODUCTION MANAGIR BILLING INFORMATION MANAGER AD TRAFFIC COORDINATOR DTP COORDINATOR BILLING ASSISTANT Anne Foley Cynthia Mazznia So Fong ^’ip Shcllic Anderson Clayton 1 were created in. Faster and easier access to items in ^ your Apple menu.25 Letters 1 69 The Desktop Critic BY DAVID POGUE Only 63 shopping days until Xmas! PC Wlag; INDIA'S Computers & Communications; IRELAND'S Computerscope (Computerworld). Track and retrieve your most recently used applications, documents and servers more quickly. All of tlie really cool features and special efftxas in Painter 3.0 can be easily applied to imported Quick Tune® and Video for Window's” files. Painter’s award-winning heritage of advanced Natural-Media* painting and drawing tools have been combined with tlie rev'olutionary multiple floating selection capabilities originally pioneered with Painter X2™ — all in one spectacular product! If you’ve been waiting for professional-quality desktop software to create cutting-edge, frame-by-frame animation for multimedia or video, Painter 3.0 is sure to get your reels rolling!181 Star Ratings Hardware and software reviews at a glance. hindt with addbonal po Uafe Add S18 per year for pottaxe for Canada and Menco wt Mcnbm Add S69 per year for pot U^ to a* other e o untnet Sccond-datt pot U^ paid at San Franouo. and at additional mailinf offtert Potimatttr Send addrnt chan Ket to Alaovor/d P O Boi 54529. CO a0333-4529 Pdnted m me USA ON THE COVER Photograph Iry Paul Franz- Moorc; screen image by Tony Stone Worldwide. O Remote-messaging service 71 Cooperative Adapter Infrared network interface 73 Sound Edit16 Digital audio software 73 Arrange 2.0 Personal information manager 75 Flex Cam Video camera 75 CA-Cricket Graph III 1.52 Graphing software 76 Flight Stick Pro for Macintosh Game control 76 Chamber Works 1.0.2 Particle physics software 81 Writing Coach 1.0 Writing-skills tutorial 81 Souvenir 2.2 Contact manager 83 Fast Switch IO Switched Ethernet hub 83 Crossword Wizard 1 .0 Word game M ACWOR LD December 1 994 5 The color laser printer that’s so hot, even the reviews are glowing\ Company K}'la Carlson, PC Computing a ivonj, dazzling™ / Marco Boer, International Data Corporation THE DOCUMENT COMPANY XEROX I h’ ^^S0//o Michael Zeis, Color Business Report rt\f\T9. oiu” benchmark Quad Dot color imaging technology is unhealable. PRESIOINT/CEO AND PUBLISHER MACWORLD COMMUNICATIONS. Martin Qencc Pat Murphy Michelle Reyes Madeleine Buckingham MACWORLD is a publication of International Data Croup, the world's largest publisher of computer- related information and the leading glob- al provider of information services on information technology. Employee’s Signature Eva Iuato]^s Signature 0 1994 Apple Compukr. Ultimately, it’s all about giving you more of everything you buy a Macintosh for in the first plxe. It’s also hard to tell how many of those cases were due to computer-related injury, partly because so many dif- ferent ailments have been blamed on computers. But there are many improvements that you can implement at little or no expense.1 99 Streetwise Shopper Hardware and software bargains: discounts, bundles, upgrades. Reuiews 52 Live Picture 1.5.5 Image editor 54 Adobe Premiere 4.0 Video-editing software 57 Power Book 150 Macintosh computer 59 Electricimage Animation System 2.0 Animation program 61 The Internet Companion; Internet Explorer Kit and Internet Starter Kit; Internet Membership Kit Electronic books and software 63 KPT Bryce 1.0 3-D landscape-rendering program 65 Square One 2.0 File-launching utility 65 e Disk2.0 File-compression utility 67 Page Too Isl. tesl v..,,.^- Charles Le Compte, The Hard Copy Observer Tlie news is out The Xerox 4900 Color Laser Piinler is so hot no o Uier printer can touch it Not that eveiyone else hasn’t tried. And tliis level of quality has never been more affordable. the Qnest quality laser image (up to 1200 X 300 dpi) of any workgroup printer m its class. I'Yom speed (3ppm color/12ppm b&w) to ease of everything, tlie 4900 is one printer that can help everyone in your group do better work. 800 - 325-3841 AM lb PM PST, M-F 1 0450 SW Manhasset Drive Tualatin, OR 97062 Fax: (800)325-0045 GSA contract no. Interna- tional Data Croup publishes over 194 computer publications in 62 coun- tries. □ If anything, computer-related illness is likely more common than official estimates, since many workers are reluctant to report prob- lems to their supervisors. In the workplace, adop- tion of new standards by fed- eral, state, and local govern- ment agencies over the next few years will force many busi- nesses to focus on the design of their employees’ computer workstations.

I 124 News Graphics professionals online • Kodak’s 35mm digital camera • True Doc: fonts on the go, and more 1 28 Expert Graphics BY CATHY ABES Graphics pro- fessionals share their secrets. He consistently recognizes and works around obstacles to maintain productivity. Apple Guide can teach you how to use your Macintosh and new appli- cations fry walking you through tasks and procedures step by step. This single mailbox ; I automatically combines and sorts all your incoming and outgoing ; mail-including on-lifie services, r e-mail, voice mail, faxes atid other messages. Tbday, everybody keeps telling you to work smarter, not harder. IT SEEMS, PEOPLE ARE SEARCHINCJ FOR WAYS TO REDUCE THEIR RISK OF injury from using a computer.14 NEOs newest Mtdti Spin CD-ROM drives, the 3Xp Pius and 4X, page 34. And witli llie Xerox Total Satisfaction Guarantee, it’s the one you can be sure of. NT COMPANY XEROX Circle 1 00 on reader service card 1 Anthro Carfe! Imagine how great it’ll be when you find the perfect furniture for your equipment — just die right size, tough as nails constaiction and dozens of accessories. Forty mittion people read or»e or more International Data Croup publications each month. Also, government statistics don’t include hobbyists and others who use computers at home or in small businesses. But even with- out the threat of lawsuits or regulatory action, many com- panies are discovering that paying attention to office ergonomics makes good sense.How to Contact Macworid •IDG DKcrnbcrim Volum* 11, Number 13 Macwodd (ISSN 0741 8647) n pubkihed monthly by MJfvvorld Commumcatiom. Bec-ause we’ll guarantee yoiu* satisfaction for dn’ee hill yeeirs. .\cro.\*, and Tho Dot'iiinenl Coiiipanv^, and 4900 arc iradoniarks of XEROX CORPOR.\TION. And you’ll find our service so real and responsive, you’ll get a kick out of ordering direct! International Data Croup's publications include; ARGENTINA'S Computerworld Argentina. BELGIUM'S Data News (CW); BRAZIL'S Comput- erworld. □ Part of the current epidemic of com- puter-related disorders may be related to heightened awareness among workers and health professionals. That’s especially true when you consider the potential gains in productivity and employee satisfaction, not to mention the savings in med- ical costs and salaries for tem- porary workers.New Microsoft Word 6.0 For those of you who ever wished that a computer could do more to make your work easier, we have some refreshing news: Your wish has been granted. Either that, or start searching for a lamp inhabited by one of those subservient spirits in a fez. China Info- world, China Network Worid, PC World China, IDG Shenzhen’s Com- puter News Digest Electronics International. Mir-PC, Sety, SLOVENIA'S Monitor Magazine; SOUTH AFRICA'S Computing S. CHARGER 500 is available alone, or bundled with an Apple AC Adapter.Introducing new Microsoft* Word 6.0 for the Macintosh* and Power Macintosh”. Microsoft Word 6.0 is the latest version of the world’s most popular word prx Kessor for dye Macintosh. \ser Point arc registered trademarks and Intc Il LScnsc and Windows are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. IDG HIGH TECH Beijing's New Product World; PHILIPPINES’ Computerworld. Includes EMMpathy^^', VST’s Smart Battery diagnostic software. Marjorie Baer Elir^ibeth Dougherty Mark Hurluw, 'Pim Warner Suzanne Couneau, Jim Fccic)’, Joanna Pcarlsicin Cameron Crotty Faul J. Clark, Danny Lee Matthew I lawn, Lyn 'Taylor CONTRIBUTING EDITORS Robert C.

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