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For many women, so can the regular use of long-acting vaginal moisturizers when combined with regular vaginal sexual activity.

Regular vaginal sexual activity is important for vaginal health after menopause because it stimulates blood flow, helps keep your vaginal muscles toned, and maintains your vagina’s length and stretchiness. We have a loving marriage and snuggle a lot, but we haven’t had sex in years. Although many couples enjoy sex in their older years, there is absolutely no “normal” frequency for having sex at any age.

Although hormone therapy (with estrogen or with estrogen plus progestogen) is associated with risks, if the hot flashes are disruptive and other measures are not helpful, the benefits of hormone therapy often outweigh the risks for healthy women in early menopause.

Ask your provider whether hormone therapy might make sense for you.

My sex life was fine until menopause, but I’m just not interested any more. Bothersome hot flashes, especially if they’re associated with night sweats and sleep disruption, certainly could affect your sexual interest.

When your overall quality of life is poor and you’re tired from rustling the covers all night, sleep may take priority over sex.

A quick surf on google will introduce you to a host of sexual fetishes, some, surely you wouldn’t even know exists.However, the moment they become an obsession in your life, you’re treading dangerous ground.To make things clearer, a sexual fetish in bed is healthy as long as it adds to your pleasure while making out, and enhances your libido.Have you ever caught your partner paying just too much attention to your feet? Whether we realize it or not, all of us have our own sexual fetishes and sexual obsessions. Sexual fetishes in human beings vary from person to person.Some fetishes are too simple to be called a perversity, while some overshadow the word. Do you fantasize about your partner in the nude in public? [Read: Exhibitionism for the shy] Or secretly wish your partner could dress in different clothes and put on a character while having sex with you? A sexual obsession that is related to physical intimacy and sex is an essential part of your bedside behavior.

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Most people may think sexual fetishes are strange, but in reality, it’s just an arousal that gives more satisfaction in bed.

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