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But when he went upstairs later on he found her hooking up with a guy that she'd only just met, and it was a real kick in the guts for him.As he now knows, there wasn't any emotional stimulation in his conversation with that girl, and nothing that made her feel attracted to him. Guys fall into this trap all the time, and think that by sharing something in common with the girl she's going to realize how perfect they are for each other and suddenly become interested in him.This product will show you instead what creates attraction, and the kind of conversations that captivate women emotionally.Running out of things to talk about has likely happened to every guy at some point, and is a common fear for many men.Because guys often think that women are impressed by money, material possessions and superficial status, their conversations usually involve a certain degree of bragging.

First, he gives three examples of how you could bring up this topic of conversation, in what he terms 'bidding a topic'.

Instead, Rio shows you how you can create conversations that let you shine, but without seeming like you are bragging.

He also talks a lot about the importance of emotions, and the role they play in getting a woman interested in you.

One of the things that Rio points out is that a lot of guys will tend to look for any sign a woman doesn't want to talk to them as an excuse to eject themselves from the interaction.

And that since girls generally aren't going to give you signs that it's okay to escalate the conversation, you need to be comfortable in leading the conversation forward and shouldering that responsibility.

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For guys who have the problem of running out of things to say to women, this product offers really useful information to fix that.

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