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In addition to losing time, they can be very sensitive to the environment.Factors such as position, temperature, elevation, and magnetism can cause failure in the watch and despite being costly to produce, they also require a great deal of dedicated maintenance and adjustments.It is this ticking rhythm that causes the gear train to advance which moves the hands forward, giving us the correct time.

Developed by Abraham Louis Breguet, one of the world’s foremost watch manufacturers (and a personal favorite of mine who we will explore in far greater detail), hand crafted this beautiful and intricate, yet simplistic tool in 1795 with the purpose of countering the law of gravity.With specialty watches becoming a standard, some manufacturers have committed their efforts to developing watches that can be worn in space, by scuba divers, and by pilots in multiple environments.When it comes to watches, there are three main types of movement: mechanical, automatic, and quartz (which is sometimes referred to as ‘electronic’).As the centuries passed, watches began to appear on the cobblestone streets beginning sometime in the early seventeenth century.Prior to the 1920’s, almost all watches were mechanical pocket watches and often referred to as railroad or conductor watches since they were most commonly used by the railroads.

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In addition to the escapement, basic mechanical watches will also use a balance wheel which is weighted and moves back and forth, returning to its original position by a spring.

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