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Not only is Minnesota Twins catcher Joe Mauer chasing an improbable American League battle title (currently hitting .389 after last night’s monster 5-for-5 effort; Seattle’s Ichiro is a distant second at .357), but he’s also apparently dating the fetching brunette pictured here, Miss USA 2005, Chelsea Cooley.Cooley, a passionate Atlanta Braves fan, also likes to partake in something called Shag Dancing.

She represented the state of Michigan in the national pageant, having previously won the 2010 Miss Michigan USA pageant.For instance, Shandi Finnessey was 26 when she won Miss USA 2004, stood 5’11, and had already published a children’s book.Whereas, Chelsea Cooley, was working to make ends meet, in college, stood only 5’6, and was age 21 when she won Miss USA 2005.One of my favorite questions I asked Chelsea is if a contestant has to be tall in order to win Miss USA.Her answer truly dispels some major myths surrounding this particular pageant. she likes to add), she also explained that all of the Miss USA winners come from different backgrounds, ages, ethnicities, and heights.

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We included headshots of the Miss USA winners from 2004 to current so you can see for yourself how different the winners are every year.

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