C validating xml dtd who is chantelle raleigh dating now

C validating xml dtd

So this dependency is not established structurally, as through a parent-child relationship, but rather through attribute values.You can put the targets in any order in the build file.I wanted to see Ant's DTD so I could figure out what went into a build file. This DTD is straightforward (only three parameter entities), but is quite long (nearly 4000 lines).With this DTD available now, you can see for yourself how a build file is put together.January 28, 2003 Michael Fitzgerald Ant is an extensible, open-source build tool written in Java and sponsored by Apache's Jakarta project.Ant has developed into something more than a just a build tool, however.It has gone beyond its predecessor 's kin) to become a framework for performing an even larger variety of operations in a single step, not just compiling code or cleaning up after a build.Ant's build files are written in XML, and Ant takes advantage of XML in a variety of ways.

The class generator takes the Document Type Definition (DTD) or the XML Schema, and generates classes for each defined element.

Using these classes, C applications can construct, validate, and print XML documents that comply with the input.

The class generator works in conjunction with the Oracle XML parser for C , which parses the input and passes the parsed document to the class generator. The document body itself is ignored; only the DTD is relevant, though the dummy document must conform to the DTD.

If you run this build file, you will see that Ant validates six XML documents in one step (all XML documents in the current directory beginning with the name date). One way that you can extend Ant is by writing your own task ( instructions on how to do this are found in the Ant manual).

James Clark has written a task for Jing that allows you to use Ant to validate XML documents against RELAX NG schemas, in both XML and compact syntaxes.

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Because you'll be using a new task that validates with RELAX NG schemas, you'll also need to download and install James Clark's Jing.

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